Free stuff

Extra stuff

Sometimes we wind up with extra supplies to give away. Let us know if you could use any of them:

Anti-theft stickers

We also have a bunch of stickers from Bike Index. You can put a sticker on your bike and register it with Bike Index. If your bike gets stolen, you can notify Bike Index, and potential buyers will be able to figure out that the bike was stolen and should be returned to you. Let us know if you want some stickers!

E-bike discounts

If you’re buying an e-bike online, you can often save at least $50 using a referral code. You can get a code from a friend or use one of ours. If you use ours, we’ll pass any credit we get to another local e-bike buyer. Many brands have referral codes, so if you’re going to buy an e-bike from a company not listed here, let us know and we’ll set up referrals.

If an e-bike is outside your budget, let us know and we’ll send you a referral credit for your preferred brand if we have any available.