RVA E-Bikes Rebate Program

Many cities across the US are beginning to launch electric bike rebate programs, from places like Denver, Colorado, to Tampa, Florida, to right next door to us in Washington DC. And its no wonder why! Electric bikes are good for our climate, are much cheaper to own than a car, and safer for our streets compared to massive SUV’s.

We think its time for RVA to have its own rebate program! RVA E-Bikes! is excited to launch a philanthropic 1-year electric bike rebate program specifically for Richmond City public school teachers and city employees, in partnership with Kul Wheels. For each rebate, Kul Wheels will provide a free bike helmet and lock, as well as the standard set of Kul Wheels perks (Terms and Conditions apply).

RVA E-Bikes and Kul Wheels Rebate

Kul Wheel Perk

The rebate program will last until funding runs out or until the November 2024 Richmond City Council elections, whichever comes first. If you want to see more e-bike rebates for RVA residents, tell Richmond city council and mayor by emailing them!

How it works

  • Only current Richmond city employees or Richmond city public school teachers and staff are eligible, with priority given to those who make less than $80K based on publicly available employee salary information.
  • Fill out this google form (or see below) to apply
  • Rebates will be disbursed on the first day of every month, in the form of gift cards to a selected brand in our portfolio. Anyone who does not receive a rebate in one month will still be included in the next rounds, so there is no need to apply more than once.
    • Next rebate announcement: 03/31/2024
Income RangeRebate Amount
>$80,001Possibly eligible for lower amounts

If you are not eligible, you can check out our e-bike buying guide, which includes referral links for online vendors or check out an e-bike from our library

Total number of rebates requested128
Total $ of rebates requested$64,00
$ of rebates granted this month (March)$2,500
Total $ of rebates granted$8,000

Last updated: 04/05/2024

The RVA E-Bikes! program is run by me, Charles Yang. I’m a born and raised Richmonder and I also started RVA YIMBY, a grassroots housing advocacy group.

We welcome donations and volunteers if you’d like to support our mission and help cover our costs.

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